Unveils Top 3 Best-Selling Androids Tablets

Published: 15th November 2011
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DealExtreme, the leading online electronics retailer, adds three new top-selling Android Tablet PCs to its product-line.
Move over Apple, DealExtreme has created three smaller, more affordable, Android-based clones of the iPad.
With Android recently overtaking Apple as the #1 mobile operating system, the Android Tablet PC has skyrocketed in popularity around the world. Google’s Android operating system is currently the fastest growing mobile platform, predicted to hold 38% of the global market by 2015.
"Consumers are demanding smaller, more affordable tablet alternatives to Apple’s iPad," says Mr. Luo, head of marketing at DealExtreme. "Android Tablet PCs are not only more portable and more compatible; they’re also half of the cost of an iPad which makes them an attractive choice for first-time buyers".
In response to customer demand for these devices, DealExtreme has added three new best-selling Android Tablet PC models to its product-line:

. DX 8 inch Android 2.2 Tablet PC w/ ARM Cortex-A8 1GHz, Wifi/HDMI
All of the gadget aficionados agree: this 8 inch tablet, weighing a mere 17 ounces, roughly the size of an Amazon Kindle, packs a powerful multi-media punch compared to the average tablet PC. 1GHz ARM Cortex processor and 512 MB of RAM handle multiple applications with ease—the biggest departure from the one-app-at-a-time iPad experience. Users no longer need to wait for websites to load before switching over to a Skype chat window or a game of Angry Birds. Users can also access Flash content on sites that support mobile access, like and YouTube -a feat literally impossible with Apple’s iPad. Just when you thought it was safe to buy an iPad, the genius gadget scientists at DealExtreme have just made your decision a little bit harder!

. DX 7 inch Android Tablet PC Wifi/TF Slot
Why spend $1500 on a laptop when all you do is check email, watch movies, Facebook and Tweet? Replace that bulky laptop and get a smaller, more portable tablet PC weighing a mere 14 ounces! Do everything that you can’t do on an iPad: stream movies in flash, take pictures with your 1.3 megapixel camera, add more memory with a TF/SD card, and enjoy USB slots. With such an affordable price-tag, buy one for every member of the family!
Bottom-line: if you’re caving an affordable tablet that’ll keep you "connected" this is the tablet PC you’ve been waiting for. It has everything you need to watch movies, check email, read e-books, and surf the net. Ideal for those of us who are looking for something functional and portable at an affordable price but don’t need all those extra bells and whistles like video-conferencing, 3G, and Bluetooth, etc.

. DX 7 inch Android 2.2 Tablet w/ WiFi/HDMI/Camera//USB/3G (Cortex-A8 1GHz)
The ultimate multi-media tablet PC complete with an affordable, recession-friendly price-tag! Great for long road trips and keeping the kids entertained in the mini-van. Watch movies, play games, and download a GPS app or two if you’re prone to getting lost. Plus, with a powerful, 3000mAh rechargeable battery, keep everyone entertained for up to 12 hours!
College students and mobile professionals will fall in love with its overall speed and functionality - USB ports, SD card slots for removable storage, HDMI port, built-in wifi, 1Ghz processor, and 3G. Small, portable, and well-suited for all types of environments - both work and play.
Take it to the office, look smart, and be more productive. Put on snazzy, big-screen presentations for the boss, use 3G to keep in-touch with clients, manage email & download business apps, and tap into wifi anywhere in the world!
DealExtreme’s Android Tablet PCs are changing how people consume content - they are convenience, ultra portable, and more affordable than laptops. Android PC tablets are ideal for families, friends, and mobile business professionals that need to stay "connected" and want the convenience of having an all-in-one device that is well-suited for mobile communications, web browsing & email management, as well as for personal media/entertainment.

Highlights & Key Features:
. 100% FREE Worldwide Shipping: All of DealExtreme’s new best-selling Android Tablet PCs come with FREE worldwide shipping.
. Small & Portable: With a 7-8 inch LCD touch screen, take your Android Tablet anywhere. It’s smaller than an iPad, larger than a smart phone, and the same size as the Kindle!
. Fast & Powerful: Google Android OS, 3G-enabled, 4GB flash hard drive, 1GHz processor, and wifi-enabled.
. Google Android-Compatible: Android 2.1 and 2.2 OS is the most popular and fastest operating system in the world. You can further customize and enhance your device by downloading any of the 55,000 third-party apps at the Android Marketplace.
. Wifi-enabled: Built-in WiFi makes it possible to access wireless networks from anywhere in the world - no need for a hotspot.
. Stay Connected: Check email, sync directly to your Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter accounts; chat with friends, surf the web, and stay up to date with latest news.
. Media/Entertainment: Stream video, watch movies, read books, play games, and conduct business. The Android Tablet supports all current audio and video formats, comes wifi enabled, and has SD/USB ports.
. Camera: Built-in 1.3 megapixel front camera/HDMI enabled. Great for taking pictures and video-conferencing with friends and for business.
If you need to be "connected" 24-hours a day, but are tired of dragging around a heavy laptop and need a larger screen than a smart phone, check out an Android Tablet PC today!

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